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A new Alice in the old Wonderland and a physics textbook

“Mr. Sham and Mr. Hem, I believe,” said the King. “Very able professors, both. And so is Mr. Jappet, but I don’t see him.” “What do they teach ?” asked Alice. “How should I know ?” said the King. “Whatever there is to teach, I suppose.” He seemed for some reason to be a trifle displeased, and, opening a book he had, turned over the pages in silence for some minutes, making odd grimaces to himself. “You might care to look over this,” he said, at last, to Alice. “Thank you,” she replied. “It isn’t your Memorandum-Book, then? I thought it was.” “I should think not, indeed !” he answered, loftly. “I found this book on the end of the bench here when I sat down. I fancy it’s his.” And he turned his head with a nod towards the owl. Then he laid the book on the bench and strolled away. Alice thought it was rather odd she had not noticed any book when she sat down. There was nothing at all promising in the appearance of it nor in its title, which was “College Examinations.” At home she w…

Sometimes the mirrors can break

When you can hear your heart, you are the mirror, when you can’t, you are the reflection. Yet, don’t forget: sometimes the mirrors can break! When this happens, you shall see that the ego itself is an illusion, an illusion within an illusion. And when you reach this level of wisdom, you can become anyone you like.”
Seraphios (c. 605 – c. 513 BC) - Dialogues at the Edge of Time