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iota (part 1) 💮 back to life 💮

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Light and shadow, alternating in slow motion. Colorful shapes with fuzzy edges moving in spirals. And with them, a feeling that time is flowing along a tiny closed loop and I’m living the same moments again and again.
Pain. Agony. Perhaps time itself is an illusion… I feel like I’m riding on a giant pendulum back and forth between past and present, never reaching the future. Is this a direct experience, or is it an intense memory that came to haunt me from the depths of my brain?

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. It seemed I was being lifted from the ground and carried away. My vision was blurry and my sense of hearing was not working, so I couldn’t be certain of anything I was experiencing at that moment. I was unable to move or talk, all I could do was breathe slowly, but even the air coming in and out of my lungs felt sticky and viscous, like a mixture of water and mud.
Everything I was going through didn’t s…
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theta - 🌌 dreams, lizards, and rapids 🌌

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Once upon a time I, Chuang Tzu, dreamed I was a butterfly, a butterfly full of life, fluttering back and forth, feeling happy and perfectly at ease in this state. I was completely unaware of being Tzu. Suddenly I woke up and here I was myself again, the genuine Tzu. Then I realized I did not know whether I had formerly been ,aming I was a butterfly, or whether I was now a butterfly dreaming that I was Tzu. Yet, between Tzu and a butterfly, there has to be a difference. This is a case of what is called the Transformation of Things.
A breeze of cold air touches my face and I open my eyes. I am awake now, with the words of the great sage resonating inside my head. Why have I just remembered them so intensely while being asleep? It’s almost dark and I can see pale red shadows dancing above me on the low, rough ceiling of the cave.
I lift myself into a sitting position. Scratching noises are coming from the area in my front, hidden i…

蜥蜴 – Tokage – Lizard – Şopârlă – Lacerto


Aki no yoru
saigo no tokage
ishi ga naru

Autumnal evening -
the last remaining lizard
becoming a stone

Seară de toamnă -
devine piatră

Aŭtunvespero -
lastrestanta lacerto
fariĝas ŝtono

Poem & photo: Marian C. Ghilea, all rights reserved


eta - ⚔️ Night ♕ #attack, 🌘 #underground exploration ⚔️
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June 20, 5 p.m. (or at least this is my best guess) — Two days have passed since my previous log entry. I am now a prisoner of this giant underground maze. My current situation is uncertain. In case I can’t find a way out and shall die here, I hope that at least this notebook, describing the final days of my life, can be discovered and read at some point in the future by my people. Or by any people who might pass, by chance, through this place. I shall let myself go again through my latest tribulations, while my pencil will be writing down my thoughts. And so, the events that took place during this time are filling up now, one after another, these little white sheets of paper.

In the eve of June 18, sixty men from the crew of Excelsior came to the cave located near the freshly discovered gulf, carrying special torches that used whale oil and could last for…


⚔️ Battle on the ♔ #Island, 🐬 #exploration ⚔️ 🌞 for other chapters, please check the links at the end of this post 🌞
June 14, 4 p.m. — A lot of events took place since last night. My fears proved justified. Everything happened pretty much like in my dream, with the only difference that I was not present in the middle of the events, but stuck aboard Excelsior.
The king was delighted to meet our men and invited everybody to dine at his palace. The local food was much appreciated and everybody was talking happily about exchanging a part from our ship’s cargo for the cheap and omnipresent gold from the island.
Later, at around 8 p.m., the king’s daughter, a gorgeous young woman, came to the terrace where the dinner was served and began singing a song, accompanied by a group of musicians. A drunk sailor, who was returning from a toilet break, stumbled over a chair and fell on the floor. His loaded gun dropped from his belt and discharged accidentally. Nobody got hurt, but the weapon gene…