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June 11, 10 a.m. — The weather is excellent this morning, we have a constant wind from stern and Excelsior is leaving behind a beautiful foamy trail, a temporary signature of our presence in these calm and clear waters. The dreams I had last night were unusually long and vivid. So vivid, I took them for real.
I’m relieved to see that nobody from my crew is missing in this routine and uneventful journey. In three days we are supposed to arrive at the Northern Fort, unload our cargo, then sail back and return to our naval base from the metropolis by next week. Still, the whole dream about the Island was so long, intense, and intriguing! I had the feeling I have lived in that strange world for a whole week! The story itself is worth remembering. I’d better write down everything on paper while all the details are still fresh in my memory.
11 a.m. — Time flows slowly on the deck while I fill up my notebook with the adven…


The next morning I woke up in the warm rays of the Sun, but could not stand on my feet. No sign of human presence was visible in this area, only bare mountain ridges were marking the horizon everywhere. I was surrounded by a wild, unforgiving landscape wrapped in a queer beauty. A scenery where, compared to Earth, everything seemed a bit out of place. Yet I couldn’t explain what exactly was different.
The people from the city had not followed me on this side of the river and I was relieved to see myself beyond the reach of their weapons. Perhaps they thought I had drowned in the swamp and abandoned their pursuit. I was safe from them, at least for the time being, anyway. Why would the islanders keep such a large army always ready for action, anyway? Were they afraid of an invasion from the sea? We knew so little about them!
The lack of food during the previous few days had made my body extremely weak. I was also tortured by a strong nausea and stomach cramps, probably from the ingested …


June 20 — It’s been some time since my last entry in here. Meanwhile, I became a prisoner of this world and the paradise that initially welcomed us on this shore became hell. I shall put now on paper the recent events while they are still fresh in my memory.
That night of June 13, the dinner at the palace looked like a gift from Heaven. The captain, sitting next to the king, began talking about trade. We were going to be rich, so rich that none of us would ever have to work again. All the officers and sailors were happy and relaxed. Despite the widespread skepticism about the existence of this place, despite the lack of contemporary proofs for any recent trip to this El Dorado, we had actually found the Island!
After a while, with my stomach almost full of delicious food, I was curious to explore the city and requested permission to do so from both the king and our captain. They kindly allowed me to wander around on my own, but I was asked not to take any weapons with me. I left my s…