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Butterfly's Dream

Timeless and mysterious like a beautiful woman, the Island lured and enchanted the imagination of many nations. Her main urban center, dominating the sea from the high slopes of a rocky shore, displayed the elegant and stern style of the Greek cities from Antiquity. The locals, almost always looking young and handsome, lived in imposing houses two or three storeys high, made of blue and pink marble blocks. Most of the buildings were decorated with Doric columns and often wrapped in green ivy tendrils.

Streets paved with hexagonal blocks of granite were intersecting each other at right angles, dividing the city in regular segments. At well-defined intervals, plazas with statues, silver wells, and exotic trees filled the landscape with even more color and diversity. Tall ivory towers, made of an unknown type of stone, guarded the metropolis at its fringes.

Yet, more than anything else that defined her, the main source of the Island’s fame and prosperity, the real cause that attracted, like a powerful magnet, people from everywhere, was the gold. It could be found in huge quantities in every place, from her shores to the local mountains. The gold, in various alloys, made up the roof tiles, the frames and hinges for doors and windows, plates and cups, most tools, some weapons, and pretty much everything else that needed the use of a cheap metal.

In spite of having this place called in one way or another by different cultures who entered or left at some point the center stage of history, the names faded away under the relentless flow of time. The only one that endured was the simple, somewhat trivial appellation of “the Island”.

You are not going to see the Island on any map, be it old or contemporary. When setting sail across the vast, rough seas, the sailors only knew her approximate direction and no one could say exactly how large or how far away she was. Still hundreds of kilometers off her beaches, the ships’ compasses would begin spinning quickly, the constellations would appear completely changed, and the Sun would rise every day from an unexpected direction.

(excerpt from "Butterfly's Dream", a novel by Marian C. Ghilea)

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